The Floor Bed Revisited


First Set Up

What I love about a Montessori bedroom is the way every detail is designed with the child in mind.  Nothing about this layout serves the adult, but rather, aids in the child’s development and well-being.  When we first set up my son’s room, he wasn’t mobile and so the furniture was very minimal.  After he started rolling a little bit, we added pool noodles underneath the sheet as a barrier until he gained better control of his movements.  This set up worked great until just recently when he climbed/rolled over the top of the noodles and landed on the floor.  While it’s not a far drop, it signaled a need for change.  As a scientist, Maria Montessori  knew the importance of whole-heartedly  devoting time to observation.  After  watching  my son’s movements and new-found need for freedom, it was time to follow his lead and adjust his room according to those needs.


New Arrangement

I took to pool noodle out from underneath the long side of the mattress and decided to put his bed in the corner (per the recommendation of many other Montessori Mommas) only leaving one side open.  Since taking this picture, I removed the other noodles because they weren’t really serving a purpose.  It’s amazing how quickly he started to understand the concept of an edge!  In the beginning, he rolled off and slept on the floor (padded with a thin piece of foam and additional blanket) for a few naps and overnight a couple of times.  Within 3 days, I could see him on the monitor ooching  to the side, looking over, reaching his hand down to the floor and then backing away from the edge.  Now, after only a week, he wakes up in bed.

We moved a low shelf into his room, secured it to the wall with a bracket and placed four wooden toys within reach.  He loves moving over to this area and pulling them off all by himself!  I hung a mirror above the shelf so that when he starts to pull up he’ll have a sweet little face looking back at him.  My daughter had a similar set up and loved seeing herself!  So far, this set up is working well for my 6 month old.  I just can’t believe this stage of discovery and movement is here already!  I’d love to chat if you have any questions!



2 thoughts on “The Floor Bed Revisited

  1. Rose Clark says:

    I love your blog…My daughter is grown now but I see the wisdom of the Montessori methods. I know you are a great help to other young mothers.

  2. Maggie says:


    I have read both of your posts about this and I am loving the concept! It makes tons of sense as practical way to encourage natural development. Can you make a list of things that you included in your baby’s room (changing, toy and clothing storage)? And if you took anything out what was it?

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