Sweet Treat

The mere mention of fruit snacks, fruit roll ups or fruit gummies send my daughter into a wide-eyed frenzy.  We’re visiting my parents this week and BB (my mom) told me about a homemade fruit leather recipe she found on CookingLight.com.  I jumped at the chance to make a healthy, organic version of my daughter’s favorite treat using local peaches and fresh strawberries.  I love that it only has four ingredients and uses natural sugar from the fruit and a little honey to make it just the right amount of sweet.

Cutting Fruit with BB

My daughter loves being included when we make her food and this time was no exception.  I cannot stress enough how many benefits come from allowing your children to help in the kitchen!  She washed, cut and measured the fruit, poured in the honey and helped blend all of the indigents together.  After that, she used a spatula to help strain out the seeds and extra pulp.  She had to use a chair to reach the counter, and definitely missed the stability of the Learning Tower we have at home!  BB explained each step and used it as a chance for some vocabulary enrichment.  As I’ve suggested before, imagine you’re auditioning for a new cooking show.  Think of yourself as the host (more Ina Garten, less Gordon Ramsay) and  talk about the ingredients, measurements and procedures to your little helper.  The more information you give, the better!


After 7 hours in the oven, our fruit leather was finally finished and served as a great discussion point about patience!  Full disclosure: ours didn’t quite turn out like the picturesque online version but still tasted great.  We used parchment paper instead of plastic wrap, a larger cookie sheet and missed the memo about brushing it with water at the three hour mark…oops!  Our leather was crispy on the outside edges but pretty chewy at the center.  Bottom line: my little fruit snack lover gobbled it up and asked for more!  It was simple to make and tastes sweet like summertime.  You can find the full recipe here.  Happy snacking!


Disclaimer: This page contains an affiliate link; however, I have no connection to Cookinglight.com and was not compensated for this post.


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