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Spring has definitely sprung here in south Texas!  The weather has been beautiful and we’re spending as much time outside as we can before the summer heat rolls into town.  We’ve seen a lot of wildlife lately which has sparked  curiosity about all things animals and insects.  Where do they live?  What kinds of things do they eat?  Is their fur soft?  Will that bug sting me? The mind of a three year old is such a wonderful thing!

I’m part of a few Facebook groups dedicated to Montessori education.  Lately, there have been numerous posts with links to free printable material and  I wanted to share them with ya’ll!  I’ve included links to the blogs  where I found them within this post and hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

This butterfly matching card set from Eltern com Mars is absolutely stunning and would be a great addition when discussing the life cycle of a butterfly.  The website is in German, but has the ability to translate the text in the top portion of your screen.  The names of the butterflies are in German as well, but with a little investigating, I think the English names would be easy to find.  I printed mine out on card stock, laminated them and used my paper trimmer to get precise lines. (I told you these tools would come in handy).  The same website has a beautiful set of insect matching cards that I can’t wait to show my daughter!


The next printable is a collection of three-part cards about animal movements from Montessori Print Shop.  These cards have vibrant photographs of different animals that walk/climb, swim or fly, plus lesson opportunities outlined at the top of the download.  The same website has short poetry available about animals, seeds and insects.  Each poem includes a lovely illustration begging to be watercolored or filled in with colored pencils!  Short poetry is a wonderful language exercise for children because it challenges the brain, aids in concentration, helps with articulation and builds a connection with the English language.  They especially love the silly ones!IMG_5039

The last printable comes from another German website called Wunschkind-Herzkind-Nervkind where the author shares her experiences of following her child on their path through life.  These cards match the animal with the corresponding close up of their fur, skin or feathers.  This lesson provides a great opportunity for discussions about how different coverings meet the needs of animals based on their movements and habitats.  You could also match the pictures with miniature animals or their names.

I hope these free printable materials help spark new conversations about animals, insects and the wonderful world around us!


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