FREE Printable Material

Spring has definitely sprung here in south Texas!  The weather has been beautiful and we’re spending as much time outside as we can before the summer heat rolls into town.  We’ve seen a lot of wildlife lately which has sparked  curiosity about all things animals and insects.  Where do they live?  What kinds of things do they eat?  Is their fur soft?  Will that bug sting me? The mind of a three year old is such a wonderful thing!

I’m part of a few Facebook groups dedicated to Montessori education.  Lately, there have been numerous posts with links to free printable material and  I wanted to share them with ya’ll!  I’ve included links to the blogs  where I found them within this post and hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Continue reading

$10 well spent.

A common complaint from people interested in Montessori is the cost associated with the materials. Maria Montessori wrote about having beautiful and appealing things available for children, but at what cost?  I constantly walk the fine line between providing quality materials and breaking the bank. I asked myself, “how can I provide her with a meaningful experience, keep the heart of the Montessori philosophy while also being frugal?” The movable alphabet is a lesson I wanted to present, but it can take up a lot of space and is potentially expensive. I decided to make my own set and want to share it with you. If you’re interested in reading more about this lesson click here for an in depth explanation. Continue reading


Eight Lessons in One!

I put something together that will get plenty of use!  This piece of work grows with your child’s language development in a fun, sensorial-rich presentation.  Read on to find out how I turned a tub full of rice and tiny objects into eight stand alone lessons.



After loving the language objects from Montessori Services in my classroom, I decided to buy them to use at home and am so glad we did!   If you don’t want to buy the entire set at once, you could get a few from a craft store in the doll house section or find small items around your house.  Disclaimer:  the rice will probably come out of the tub.  The great thing about rice on the floor is that it leads perfectly into a practical life lesson on sweeping. Continue reading


Preparing for Reading

Where has the time gone?!  My daughter will be three in about a month and I could not be more excited for her to begin this next stage; a stage that has extended concentration, increased sense of order, a hunger for new information and love of work.  She started showing me signs of this transition (asking a lot of questions, repeating information and an incessant hunger for books) a few weeks ago.  I decided to take advantage of her curiosity and began some pre-reading lessons with her just to see if she had any interest.  Did she ever!


Observing your children is something I encourage all parents to do.  I know it can be tough with crazy schedules and little down time, but it’s so valuable.  Familiarizing  yourself with their actions will help you recognize even the smallest changes in their interests and behaviors.  When was the last time you just sat and watched your child?  Observation is one of the cornerstones in the Montessori method and takes practice.  Sometime this week, sit down without any distractions and just watch for 5 straight minutes (or longer if you can).  You might want a notepad to jot down what you see.  Try your hardest to be a fly on the wall with little interaction and as a quiet observer, I bet you’ll be amazed at what you see! Continue reading