Toddlers: Guest Post Part 1

My guest blogger, Mariana, is a dear friend and my personal Montessori guru.  Last week I told you a little about her (which you can find here), and asked you to submit some questions you’d like answered.  We had a fantastic response and decided to tackle a big one first!  Although this question pertains to a toddler classroom, I found so many helpful tips in Mariana’s answer as a mother of a three year old.  As I read her response,  I heard myself saying, “ohhhhhhh” and “that makes so much sense now!”  So, whether you’re a Montessori teacher, a parent homeschooling your child or someone just trying to understand the way toddlers work, this post is for you.IMG_9812

I have a question regarding running a Montessori inspired toddler room. There are 10 toddlers and 2 teachers, sometimes only 1 when nappy changes, etc. need to be done, in the room. The children range in age from 14 months to 2 1/2 years. We would really appreciate some tips on setting up a room which meet the needs of all the children? We are unfortunately not in a position to have both indoor and outdoor environments open. 
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Ask an Expert

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own Montessori expert on hand whenever you need advice or have questions about your children?  Well now you have the chance!  My dear friend, Mariana Vicéns, is my first guest blogger.  We trained together at the Washington Montessori Institute and she is my constant sounding board when it comes to Montessori philosophy and practical application.  I value her incredible knowledge and want to share some of it with you.

Leave your questions in the comments below or comment on our Facebook page.  If you prefer to send a message anonymously, feel free to email  Questions will remain open until Thursday, November 12, and will be answered in the blog post next week.  I am honored to have her as my guest blogger and look forward to reading her advice along with you!


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