The floor bed

Trust me, I’ve heard it all.

Mary Ann's Room

 I love your nursery, but where’s the crib?  Well, there isn’t crib and let me tell you why. Without crib bars, the baby sees an unobstructed view of their room and starts to visually map their surroundings. A mirror runs along one side of the bed so that they can see themselves and connect their movements with their reflection. Also, by eliminating the crib, you’re knocking out one of the most expensive pieces of nursery furniture. That’s a win in my book.

Wait…your baby sleeps where?!? The baby sleeps on a mattress on the ground. Sounds crazy, right? Maybe the idea of a floor bed doesn’t seem so off the wall to me because I slept on one thirty years ago. I opted for a crib-sized mattress for my daughter, but in retrospect, wish I had gone with a twin or full sized instead. That way, she could have used the same mattress for a longer period of time. Continue reading