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My Montessori journey began long before I decided to teach. I attended a Montessori school starting at eighteen months until I was seven. During this time, I made a deep connection with my directresses, lessons and materials. These connections eventually led me back to Montessori years later.

I attended Texas Christian University where I earned a degree in Early Childhood Education. During a lecture, we briefly touched on Maria Montessori’s work and this stirred up a curiosity about alternative methods of education. While researching, memories of my childhood school came flooding back and I realized that Montessori education was the path for me.

Following graduation, I started my training at the Washington Montessori Institute in Columbia, Maryland. I wholeheartedly agreed with Montessori’s philosophy and the more I studied, the more it confirmed my choice to travel down this path. I received my Primary (3-6 year old) certification from Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and earned my Masters of Education from Loyola University Maryland in 2008.

During graduate school, I met and married a Marine. Due to our ever changing address, I’ve taught in three schools over the last seven years. During this time, I had my daughter and began incorporating Montessori methods at home in our daily routine. She thrives on the order, beauty and independence afforded in this way of guiding children. Now I  have a son and look forward to integrating these ideas into our day to day with him while I juggle life with two!


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