The Floor Bed Revisited


First Set Up

What I love about a Montessori bedroom is the way every detail is designed with the child in mind.  Nothing about this layout serves the adult, but rather, aids in the child’s development and well-being.  When we first set up my son’s room, he wasn’t mobile and so the furniture was very minimal.  After he started rolling a little bit, we added pool noodles underneath the sheet as a barrier until he gained better control of his movements.  This set up worked great until just recently when he climbed/rolled over the top of the noodles and landed on the floor.  While it’s not a far drop, it signaled a need for change.  As a scientist, Maria Montessori  knew the importance of whole-heartedly  devoting time to observation.  After  watching  my son’s movements and new-found need for freedom, it was time to follow his lead and adjust his room according to those needs. Continue reading